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Meteora: Liquidity Backbone For Solana

We are building a set of DeFi primitives to power liquidity across Solana - including stablecoin liquidity, lending protocol capital and deep capital efficient AMM pools.

Our vision is for Meteora to be a platform owned and driven by the community and ecosystem. Come join us!

PoweringCapital For Lending Protocols
Our vaults are DeFi’s most dynamic capital allocation systems, rebalancing every minute between lending platforms to find the most efficient yield while keeping user funds as liquid as possible.

Besides being audited by Quantstamp, Halborn & Oak, Meteora has been in beta on mainnet for the better part of a year going through many development cycles including being battle tested against multiple real world exploits.

The Most Proven Home For Stables

Meteora’s multi token stable pools power deep and diverse stables on Solana. To date, our stablecoin pools have become leading providers of stable liquidity in Solana, anchoring key pairs like allBridge, wormhole, stSOL with the native Solana and USDC tokens.

Deep Capital Efficient Pools

Building on top of Meteora vaults, our dynamic pools deposit unused capital into the vaults, solving the key problem of having to provide rewards for unused liquidity.

For The Ecosystem And Community

Our vision is for Meteora to be owned and driven by the ecosystem and community, while the core contributors focus on building world class technical systems. We would like to engage the community to figure this out together. Join us!

Key areas for community involvement:


Come together to make key decisions to help govern and develop Meteora into one of the top projects in Solana and DeFi.


Share knowledge and experience to evaluate, provide feedback, and manage risk together to build a robust and trustworthy dynamic yield layer


Be an advocate and help accelerate the platform’s growth through raising awareness of the platform and educating the ecosystem on the value and benefits of Meteora

Meteora Token

Our vision is for $MET to be a community token to revive confidence in Solana DeFi. $MET will be the key economic driver for Meteora’s dynamic yield layer. Backed by the Meteora platform, we believe the token will grow and gain value as the platform grows to become the capital allocation layer for Solana. We will be setting up governance early to get our community involved from the get go. We are also exploring ways to create more value for the token through commissions from lending pool yields and MET staking rewards.

Get Involved!

For Users

If you’re passionate about building the best capital allocation layer for Solana, lending or DeFi, join our community and help shape the future of Meteora!

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For Developers

Compose on top of our Dynamic Vaults with our easy to use SDK and APIs.

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